Aimee Danch and Jeremiah Stent spend their days thinking about how to grow things -- how to grow more grass, more soil, more good clean food. A profound respect for the complex intersection between wild open spaces and agriculture keeps them asking, “How can we do this better?”. Their guides in this pursuit are a deep reverence for the natural world and a relentless pursuit to understand how things work.

Together with two other families, Aimee and Jeremiah formed Grounded Grassfed.



Jeremiah was raised and spent most of his life on what is now TomKat Ranch. There he experienced the powerful shift from conventional cattle ranching to planned holistic grazing. Out of this shift grew an ability to move away from viewing land management one-dimensionally to experiencing the depths and complexity of the plant, animal, and soil web. This awareness permeated into every aspect of his life. Whether he is operating an excavator, loading cattle in a trailer, planting the garden, or making decisions with his family, Jeremiah feels at home when he is thinking outside the box.


Aimee built and managed the ruminant division for Belcampo Meat Company, where she oversaw one of the largest birth-to-market, Certified Organic, Animal Welfare Approved, grass-finished beef operations in the US. She is fueled by the knowledge that our food systems are the universal tie to the planet we all share.


Their daughter Madeleine oversees every move to keep things running smoothly; and has (so far) only been set in bear poop once and been hit in the face with oak branches a few times during morning chores.