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Our Pastured Heritage Pork Shares are available now, and as soon as our site goes live we will be taking reservations for our Grassfed Beef, Grassfed Lamb & Pastured Chickens.

What we raise & why you

are a part of this with us:


Raising Food - Raising Life - For that more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. 


Belonging is a feeling we all long for. Eating good food from your bioregion is a birthright. Gathering this food directly from the people who grew it and tended to the land from which it came is a way to participate in the exquisite cycle of life. 


With the deep support of others, after more than a decade of working towards this goal, 2020 brings the opportunity to steward our own land. With roots to come back to season after season, we will continue to raise honest meats that honor the totality of life. Grass fed and finished beef and lamb, pastured heritage pork, and truly pasture-raised chickens. Managing complexity by creating - not controlling - habitat, co-existing, listening to the meadow grass under the guidance of the standing trees, and seeking only enough growth to bring our ranch to life is how we want to participate. 


But we can’t do this without you.  It is a collective act, an integrated story that you are a part of. In 2020 we will begin building a core group of households whose tables are a part of this belonging with us. We will be delivering to a select group of cities in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho until we have enough families to support a diverse explosion of life and habitat on our ranch. 

We want to grow damn good nutrient-dense meats for you and your loved ones. Linking arms with you and closing the circle between eater and farmer is one of the ways we will foster added layers of beauty on the land under our care. We hope your home will become one that feels nourished, year after year, by what we raise. But be prepared, we will give you a hug and invite you to the ranch.

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Oregon, Idaho, 

Washington & California! 

Our Pastured Heritage Pork is available

February - May 2020:

Our hogs are raised outside as all animals deserve to be.
The entire life cycle and needs of our pigs come from just a couple of square miles. They are fed only pasture and the non-GMO grain grown and milled by our neighbor - no additives, no byproducts, no foodstuffs, no corn, no soy.
Their meat is rich and robust, nutrient dense and heart healthy.  This is not your normal pork, and the most common sentence we hear from new customers is, “oh my gosh, this is the best pork we have ever tasted, we want a whole hog next time.”
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